New details on Edge's current status

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New details on Edge's current status

Rhea Ripley recently joined the stable formed by Edge and Damian Priest, the dominant Judgment Day, who welcomed the Australian to Wrestlemania Backlash and then back to Monday Night Raw with a more detailed and spoken segment.

Recently in an interview with 99.5 WKDQ, Rhea Ripley herself talked about her two fellow adventurers, saying she can't wait to learn so many things from the two, describing Edge as an incredible talent and speaking of Priest as a male version of herself.

But she was not limited only to this, in fact, she also wanted to talk in general about the stable and what it takes to enter it as a new member, since we talk about seeing other wrestlers inside her.

Backstage news on Edge

Damian Priest sided with Edge in WWE at WrestleMania 38 when he interfered in The Rated-R Superstar's match with AJ Styles.

Since then, the duo has continued their feud with The Phenomenal One and attacked him backstage on this week's RAW. "I mean, I have my eyes on a couple of people, but you guys have to find out and they have to prove themselves.

If they want to be a part of Judgment Day, they have to prove themselves and they have to show us they won't stop in front of us. nothing to get what they want and that they don't care who they have to face or what they have to do."

And she applied this philosophy well when in the last episode of Raw, after facing Liv Morgan by winning the match by submission, Rhea attacked her again in the ring making her scream in pain while Edge and Damian urged her to continue.

But that's not all, because the wrestler also revealed what are the plans of the stable towards the other WWE Superstars: "Absolute destruction of the WWE and of anyone who gets in our way. We have opened our eyes.

We know what we want and we want everything. what we can achieve. We will not stop with AJ Styles, Finn Bálor, or Morgan. We will look for absolutely anyone to get what we want." Booker T recently commented on Rhea's presence in this stable, also comparing her with Chyna in her golden days.

"The exact thing that I was going to say to you when you got to the end of your point is, how would you feel about Gangrel coming back. I think that would be great for the short term. What I think would be even better is Christian [as part of Edge and Damian Priest's faction]."