Paige may be back soon

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Paige may be back soon

In recent years, WWE has wanted to eliminate the role of General Managers of the various on-screen rosters, after decades in which the most disparate characters raged on the televisions of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, from Kurt Angle to Paul Heyman, passing through Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff.

In fact, in recent times, WWE has literally avoided putting even a fictitious executive at the center of attention, who would go and fix things in the ring, deciding matches and titled disputes, as done in the past. However, after introducing two official on-screen, named Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville, with the athlete who, since returning from her break of several months from in-ring competitions, had almost never seriously put her foot in the ring as an athlete and now she has instead been relieved of her post, the WWE has still found great success for these characters, with the girl who had also set up a feud with Naomi, in that of Smackdown, helped at the beginning by the other official, Adam Pearce.

Paige hasn't been seen on WWE TV in more than two years but could be teasing a return to work as the manager of Ronda Rousey. One of the women who is currently receiving the most support from the public, especially after her landslide victory at Wrestlemania Backlash, where the athlete defeated Charlotte Flair, in a match valid for the title of Smackdown Women's Champion, is Ronda Rousey, the current champion of the women's roster of the blue show.

The latest news on Paige

After weeks in the run-up to the title, this victory came only in the last PPV of the company, in an unmissable I Quit match, which saw the two give it to each other with a bit of all the blunt objects present below the ring of the company.

WWE Tweeted out to ask who their fanbase would like to see challenge Ronda Rousey after she overcame the challenge of Raquel Rodriguez this week on SmackDown. Paige responded with the question of "Manager, maybe" which could be interpreted as the British star wanting to align herself with Rousey.