Latest update on Money in the Bank

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by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Money in the Bank

In the first commercial staged on the TV screens of the Stamford-based company about Money in the Bank, entrusted to the voice and face of Cody Rhodes, WWE seems to have let slip a not insignificant detail, with the wrestler saying that who he will win the match with the briefcase at stake, he will go straight to the main event titled Wrestlemania and not that he will be entitled to a match valid for the title at any time he wants.

This upheaval of the rules, led WWE Universe fans to try to understand why WWE wanted to change the rules of the match with the briefcase hanging from the ceiling so drastically, with the insiders of the sector, who searched in the various podcasts and in the various newsletters, to understand if what we had heard in the advertisement with Cody's voice was a mistake or a sensational change wanted by the company, with the Royal Rumble already giving the right to a main event and with MITB that would have thus concluded all the main titled matches of the show of the shows.

New details on Money in the Bank

Thanks to the latest update reported by Ringside News and its journalists, we learn that what emerged from the first ad for Money in the Bank would simply be a vision of what a Superstar could become after the victory of the briefcase, or main event material.

by Wrestlemania. In front of a specific request from the journalists to the internal workers of WWE, in fact, the latter replied that "no one knows what they meant with this publicity", since there were no new plans regarding the Wrestlemania main event, much less the rules of Money in the Bank have been changed.

The only match that guarantees a title match at Wrestlemania, is only the victory of the Royal Rumble, with such a tradition that it will remain for years to come for fans of the WWE Universe. Even the WWE writers and producers, once they listened to the advertisement, remained quite confused and bewildered for a few hours, with the executives who then reassured everyone, that nothing has changed compared to other years.

Cody Rhodes is back in the WWE and he wants championship gold. Since returning, Rhodes has been in a long-term feud with Seth Rollins, but has made his desire to win the WWE Championship known to everyone. Rhodes has competed in four other Money in the Bank ladder matches, but has yet to pull down the briefcase.

Rhodes winning his first Money in the Bank contract would be a perfect start to an eventual title reign that one could only assume was promised to Rhodes before he signed with the company.