WWE is considering a new opponent for Roman Reigns

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WWE is considering a new opponent for Roman Reigns

In recent months, Roman Reigns has gone to consolidate his reign as WWE World Champion in a very important way, with the victory of Wrestlemania 38 which even led him to snatch the belt of WWE Champion from the Beast of the company: Brock Lesnar, starting thus a reign of the undisputed champion of the McMahon federation, after spending more than 600 days as an unbeaten Universal Champion.

Needless to say, WWE is really betting very strongly on its Undisputed Champion, with Reigns and his Bloodline not seeming to lose even an inch in the face of their opponents, with Reigns not being pinned for a few years now, having also held one.

Very high victory score since returning to the scene with WWE after being absent for the initial period of the covid-19 pandemic.

Roman Reigns is a true legend

Apparently, the WWE has already designated the next opponent of Roman Reigns, with one of the two RK-Bro athletes, most likely going to challenge the overall champion after next week, in which there will be the Unification match of the long-awaited Raw and Smackdown tag team titles, which was to be staged already at Wrestlemania Backlash.

As revealed by journalist Brad Shepard, on Patreon, in fact: "The current creative plan is to have Riddle or Randy Orton as Roman's next challenger, which indicates that RK-Bro will split up." If all this turns out to be correct, such information could also contain a big spoiler for next week's match at Smackdown, with the dissolution of RK-Bro which could probably be given by a defeat against the Usos, which would go to blow the belts to the current tag team champions of the Stamford federation, from Raw's side, thus compromising their future together.

Will Randy Orton challenge the Tribal Chief after the harsh words launched against Reigns in Smackdown, when he defended his historical enemy, John Cena, with the sword According to Brad Shepard, WWE has plans for Reigns to headline Money In The Bank and SummerSlam.

The two events will take place in July this year. The report also mentions that the higher-ups are considering Randy Orton and Riddle as one of the upcoming contenders for Roman Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

The Head of the Table is perhaps the biggest star in the entire company right now, and he's the top champion of both brands. According to recent reports, Reigns has signed a new contract similar to what Brock Lesnar and Hulk Hogan had in WWE.