Will Madcap Moss be back with a new gimmick?

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Will Madcap Moss be back with a new gimmick?

During the last episode of the blue show aired on Friday night, Madcap Moss did a promo in which he talked about his aspirations in WWE, with the athlete talking about wanting to win Money in the Bank in the homonymous PPV, yes, however, he is seen attacking from behind by Happy Corbin with a steel chair in his hand, with the face on duty that has undergone several sitting all over his body, until he had to collapse to the ground.

Even at this point, however, Happy Corbin did not let go, continuing to attack his opponent visibly, always with the chair. In the end, to put an end to his deadly fury, Happy Corbin even slipped the chair around Moss's neck, throwing over him the trophy dedicated to André The Giant, the one won a few weeks ago by Moss and then stolen by Corbin.

After this slimy attack, Madcap Moss was obviously taken away by stretcher and ambulance, with his absence from WWE apparently lasting a few weeks, as can be clearly seen from the commercial, in which Moss allegedly remedied a bruise on his neck.

What's next for Madcap Moss?

WWE recently shared an update on Madcap Moss' injury suffered at the hands of Happy Corbin this week. Apparently, according to what was stated by the journalists of the well-known American site, WrestlingNews, it would seem that WWE has deliberately excluded its mid-carder winner of the Andrè The Giant Memorial Battle Royal shortly before Wrestlemania, to bring him back with some different characteristics on the ring of the company.

According to overseas journalists, in fact, the WWE management would like to significantly change the ring gear, the entrance music and also part of the athlete's gimmick comedy and would thus have devised the angle of the injury, to make him leave the scene for a few weeks, a bit like Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania Backlash, where the former champion would have "broken" her arm in the clash with Ronda Rousey.

We will see if on his return Madcap Moss will still be called that and if he will return to have his lookout against Happy Corbin, but above all in what way, given that it is very unlikely that the athlete will forget such an attack, avoiding revenge with his opponent.

Madcap Moss formed an alliance with Happy Corbin on an edition of SmackDown in September last year. As a tag team, the duo feuded with Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs. In April this year, Moss last eliminated Finn Balor to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.