Ric Fair wants to get back in the ring

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Ric Fair wants to get back in the ring

Recently, we brought you a video where we saw Ric Flair go to train against former ROH World Champion, Jay Lethal, in a really tight training session in the ring. Obviously, at first, everyone thought like Ric Flair was just playing wrestler, after a career spanning nearly 40 years, in rings around the world, with the two-time WWE Hall of Famer almost dying and being in a coma for two weeks only a few years ago, he would not have the physical prowess to carry out a real match for some important world company.

Well, apparently instead, Ric Flair wanted to amaze the whole world once again, going to confirm to his lifelong friend, Dave Meltzer, wrestling friend since 1989, how he wants to go back to fighting even one match in his future and for that he is training with Jay Lethal, several times a week.

Ric Flair is a 16-time World Champion

After retiring not once but twice, Ric Flair seems to be about to seriously return to the ring once again and could even do so on the Khan family square, or in All Elite Wrestling. But let's go in order.

In his latest newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, Ric Flair's friend, Dave Meltzer, wanted to say: "He is planning to get back to fighting again, yes. I don't know many other details. He told me it was a secret but the rumor says that Ric Flair and FTR will go up against Rock 'n' Roll Express and somebody else.

A match for which he is already training, but which is not exactly around the corner. I think they will announce it when he is about to go on stage. Such a thing could soon be announced as canceled, it could get hurt in training."

After he almost died and had some incredible health problems, from which Ric miraculously got out, now the legendary Nature Boy wants to fight again, in an independent federation or even in AEW Will Ric Flair succeed in fulfilling this last dream after a life of excesses and glories? Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Flair was asked for his opinion on Douglas’ ECW promos about him.

The 16-time world champion told his co-host, Mark Madden, that the 57-year-old did not succeed in the business: “Who is Shane Douglas? Who is he today? I’m asking. You know him real well, who is he?... He certainly means nothing to me in terms of being a talent.

He never succeeded anywhere. He can say what he wants to say. I don’t think you’ll see him in a Hall of Fame anywhere any time soon," said Flair.