Alexa Bliss got a new tattoo

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Alexa Bliss got a new tattoo

In recent months we have seen numerous Superstars absent from the WWE rings, some for an injury, some for a long-established surgical operation and some for personal reasons, such as those who gave birth to their first child, such as Ronda Rousey or Becky Lynch or who are married like Alexa Bliss or Charlotte Flair, who is waiting for her long-dreamed day with Andrade, scheduled for the end of the month.

Alexa Bliss was the one who more than any other athlete did a little "damn" the fans of the WWE Universe, with her supporters who lost sight of her twice, the first because of her nose surgery, which Alexa underwent at the end of last year and from which she had emerged brilliantly, not after weeks of a literally bruised face from the operation and then she was also absent a second time, precisely because of her marriage to the musician Ryan Cabrera, her longtime boyfriend.

Alexa Bliss got married recently

Former WWE head writer Vince Russo recently spoke about Alexa Bliss, who has been missing from WWE TV. A few weeks after the fateful yes, the two boys also wanted to show a sign of their eternal love just sealed with the wedding, getting the same tattoo, albeit on two very different parts of the body.

In the image painted on the bodies of the two, a heart is portrayed with the two stylized boys inside, with Alexa who is easily distinguishable from the two tufts of her that have become very famous for her character in WWE.

Despite an age difference of almost 10 years, with the WWE Superstar being 30 and her husband 39, it seems that the two get along in love and harmony, so much so that they become husband and wife after years of engagement.

Now, even the wait of the WWE Universe fans is over, with the athlete who returned in the last episode of Monday Night Raw to show all his talent in the WWE rings, with his supporters who will no longer have to wait for anything, after months without her.

Speaking with Dr. Chris Featherstone on this week's episode of Legion of RAW, Vince Russo asked about the whereabouts of Alexa Bliss. "The way they've handled it, they came back with all those vignettes and they put her in the chamber match at the last minute. And then we haven't seen her since. So something's going on."