Latest news on Edge's future


Latest news on Edge's future

In the last few years before returning to the WWE scene, Edge had dedicated himself to cinema and the world of TV series, since his work in the world of pro-wrestling now seemed irremediably over due to a very serious neck injury.

After almost ten years of forced retirement, the Rated R Superstar had miraculously managed to return to the scene with the WWE, after receiving the okay from the doctors of the federation, who had reconsidered his situation, seeing clear improvements and thus favoring the desire of the athlete to return to fight on the television screens of the federation.

In the last period, Edge has had very important feuds, first with Randy Orton, then with Seth Rollins and finally with AJ Styles, with the Canadian of the WWE Hall of Fame, who in recent weeks has also decided to build his own very personal stable all composed from heel, to which in the last PPV staged just a few days ago, Wrestlemania Backlash, Rhea Ripley was also added, after the entry of Damian Priest seen at Wrestlemania.

New details on Edge

WWE recently introduced The Judgment Day stable led by Edge. Since its inception last month, The Rated R-Superstar has added Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley to his ranks. According to reports, he also had an enforcer in mind for the group.

Of course, a self-respecting stable must have at least one other participant, with WWE already working hard to try and get a new member on the Rated Superstar's Judgment Day. Apparently, if the names rumored to enter the stable were many, in the last few hours the prices would have risen for one of them in particular.

Let's talk about the former NXT Champion, as well as the former US Champion of the red show: Finn Balor. As reported by the microphones of Brad Shepard, in his Unleashed Patreon, the name that most of all would be boiling in the pot for the WWE, would be that of Finn Balor, the current ally of AJ Styles, who should betray the Phenomenal One, for ally with Edge.

In his speech, Shepard stated: "The current creative plan sees Finn Balor turning him to AJ Styles and then joining the Edge faction, Judgment Day. I don't know when this should go on stage, however." We'll see if the WWE will wait for the next ppv to stage these plans or if already in the next episodes of Monday Night Raw we will see something move in this sense, with the plans for this stable that they seem to be really huge already.

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