Raw: Rey Mysterio is back

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Raw: Rey Mysterio is back

One of the teams on which the WWE had focused more on its debut in the company's rings, is certainly the one formed by father and son, namely Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio, with the two who, during the first part of the world pandemic, brought to the stage in the rings of the company a long feud with Seth Rolins, who helped a lot the son of the San Diego Elf, to take his first steps in an important way in the WWE rings.

After a start with a bang, the two then also won the world championship titles of the federation, effectively entering the history of the company, as the only couple made up of father and son (real), who have won these belts.

In the last period, there was a bit of split air between Rey and his son, with numerous rumors that reported how a feud could soon begin between the two, which would have led Dominik to detach himself from his father, to move his first steps in the Stamford company rings alone, to try to have a brighter future within the WWE rosters, but that has not yet been the case.

Rey Mysterio is back

Rey Mysterio has been absent from RAW for the past two weeks. The former WWE Champion was scheduled to face Veer Mahaan last week. However, he was withdrawn from the match due to an unforeseen medical condition.

It is being reported that Mysterio will hopefully be back soon. The pair of athletes of Mexican origins had been absent from the rings of Monday Night Raw after the brutal attacks of the Indian Veer, the former member of the all-Indian stable of Jinder Mahal, who then returned to claim victims in single, from the monster heel.

Dominik had also ended up in Veer's clutches, with the Indian forcing him into his submission finisher until the boy was taken away on a stretcher by WWE officials and paramedics. This week on Raw, it was Mustafa Ali's turn to pass under the clutches of the Indian, with the precise return of the two Mysterio who saved him.

Once again, the split between father and son appears to have been pushed back, with the two returning as a team to join forces against the Indian. ''Other matches being built on television right now are Kevin Owens vs.

Ezekiel (which feels more like a TV match than a PPV match), Lashley vs. Omos, Happy Corbin vs. Madcap Moss, Veer Mahaan vs. Rey Mysterio (who should be healthy soon as this may happen on TV first like it was planned) and Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan.' '