What are the problems with Bray Wyatt's return?

Bray Wyatt has always been one of WWE's most prominent Superstars

by Simone Brugnoli
What are the problems with Bray Wyatt's return?

Professional wrestling expert Jim Cornette has a firm opinion on what Bray Wyatt's fate could be if he were to show up as The Fiend character in AEW. Speaking on the Drive-Thru podcast, in fact, Cornette said he strongly believes All Elite Wrestling would reject this character, starting to boo him: "What do you do to a guy in the wrestling world after you fucking burn him alive on national television? finished.

He will start over somewhere, doing something if he wants to stay in the wrestling world. And no one will give him seven figures a year to start over and do something different. And The Fiend would be booed loudly out of the building in AEW.

Maybe boy Bray Wyatt, he'd like it. They can't do The Fiend. Fans wouldn't like it and they don't have the budget. They won't pay Bray Wyatt millions of dollars to try something from scratch. So, he's in a bit of trouble."

Backstage News on Bray Wyatt

According to WrestlingNews.co, a source close to Bray Wyatt, so someone who is a part of his life, said, "Windham is very good with money.

He made a lot, and he put it all aside. I wouldn't be surprised if never go back to wrestling." Actually, on the one hand, Jim Cornette is not completely wrong, it could really be difficult for him to move the Fiend character to another company because certain things with WWE are easier to carry and popularize.

But that doesn't mean he can't try to play Bray Wyatt to rebuild something from scratch, but it will be difficult for him to earn all that he made in the McMahon company, which is a kind of product made specifically to be based on so much on entertainment.

fundamental for The Fiend, but at times also for Wyatt, who we know very well is a person with a lot of imagination and creativity to express. Speaking on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Rotunda provided the following update on his sons’ wrestling futures: “They’re definitely not maybe done.

I don’t know. They’ve kind of got their foot going with a couple of different things, trying to see what’s available. Maybe you’ll see them back, maybe you won’t. I don’t know yet. I don’t wanna speak for them either because I know they’re trying to reach out and get some different things going”.

For that reason, Rotunda knew his sons would have an interest in pursuing wrestling careers when they grew up: “I didn’t push them to get into it, and I told them, ‘It’s a hard business. You’re gonna have to go through a lot of s***.’ And of course I think it’s a natural thing with them.

Their grandfather did it, their uncles did it, and their dad did it. No matter what you try to tell them, they’re gonna try to go do it,” said Mike Rotunda.

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