Former WWE tag team announces the launch of a new promotion


Former WWE tag team announces the launch of a new promotion

According to a recent press release, Gzim Selmani (Rezar) and Sunny Dhinsa (Akam), known as Authors Of Pain, are launching their own professional wrestling promotion in the UK. According to their indications, the company will do events across Europe and the Middle East.

It is also specified that the two will return to the ring together with former manager Paul Ellering, father of former WWE and IMPACT wrestler Rachael Ellering. “Wrestling Entertainment Series launches on June 4th. Nottingham, England: Gzim Selmani & Sunny Dhinsa, formerly WWE Authors of Pain, are proud to announce the launch of a new professional wrestling federation.

Wrestling Entertainment Series (WES) will debut live from the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, England on June 4th and will be available to watch live worldwide on Some of the biggest names in professional wrestling will be announced very soon for this celebratory event.

WES already has an action-packed schedule in place for the remainder of 2022 with several dates yet to be revealed in Europe and the Middle East. WES will also see Selmani & Dhinsa return to the ring with legendary manager Paul Ellering by their side.

The duo is set to re-establish themselves as one of the most dominant forces in the tag team wrestling division."

WWE has created many talents

So these former WWE Raw Tag Team Champions are ready to get back into action, as well as run a company, after not fighting for two years, in fact, their last match was on March 9, 2020, the company's last live event before.

that everything was closed for the covid. Shortly after, despite doing well in a storyline with Seth Rollins, the two were released, also because one was injured, so he couldn't do much on television. What to say? Good luck to the AOPs for this new adventure that is about to begin and if you are interested in the project do not miss the shows available on FITE.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, journalist Dave Meltzer wrote that Wyatt was making a hefty sum before WWE released him. As per Meltzer, Wyatt was probably making $4 million annually: "At the time he left the company, he was believed to be the third or fourth highest-paid performer on the roster with a contract in the $4 million per year range at the time he was cut and was a major merchandise draw." In mid-2019, Wyatt debuted the character of The Fiend, a scary entity possessing supernatural powers.