Bayley sends another message to the fans

Bayley was involved in an intense feud with Bianca Belair

by Simone Brugnoli
Bayley sends another message to the fans

One of the characters who was most important to WWE during the pandemic period in which fans were not allowed in the company's arenas was undoubtedly Bayley, former champion of Friday Night Smackdown, as well as former tag team champion on the company's main roster, with her ex-best friend, Sasha Banks, who has taken the reins of her opponent a bit since her departure, remaining in the upper echelons of the federation, in a feud with former champion Bianca Belair.

Unfortunately for her, in recent months, Bayley was hit by a leg injury, exactly in July last year, when during a workout the WWE Role Model suffered an unspecified injury to her leg, having to undergo special treatments and a surgical operation, which kept her out of the scene for at least nine months, with her return to the scene which was therefore to be expected for Wrestlemania or so.

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After weeks of silence, in which Bayley only made fun of her fans or those who insisted on seeing her in the company rings and to which Bayley had replied saying that they had no idea how long it would take to recover.

from an injury, in the last few hours the WWE Role Model wanted to break her silence. With these few but clear enough words, Bayley hinted that in this 2022 that is almost halfway through her, she is about to return to performing, saying: "I'm...

excited for myself. Ready to see what this 2022 has in store for me." Without adding any details, Bayley has left fans in suspense, with her supporters waiting for her for almost a year now, without having any kind of news in her comparisons, with the athlete who should have taken part in Wrestlemania, according to the rumors of the time and who still does not return to tread the scene After this message, will Bayley finally have the pass from the doctors of the WWE? Bayley was ruled out of action last year after sustaining a severe injury.

The former women's champion has since been on the road to recovery. Several WWE fans assumed that she would finally return at the recently concluded premium live event and voiced their disappointment on social media after the show.

Bayley was involved in an intense feud with Bianca Belair before her injury. She will look to reignite that rivalry following her return. The Role Model would make an interesting addition to RAW, where Belair currently holds the women's championship. Thus, it would be easy to orchestrate a title program between the two superstars familiar with each other.

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