Booker T on Tammy Sytch arrest for vehicular manslaughter

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Booker T on Tammy Sytch arrest for vehicular manslaughter

Tammy Sytch shocked the wrestling world. She was recently arrested for vehicular manslaughter. Booker T commented on this case: “When you become a so-called superstar, man, they’re going to be coming at you from left and right.

They’re going to be offering it to you, it’s going to be an all-out party,” he said as quoted by wrestlinginc. “If you do not know how to manage that and literally know how to stay focused, I am talking about keeping blinders on, you’re going to fall into those traps.

“There’s going to be a time where the drugs come out, there’s going to be a time where the person wants to party and they want to party all night. They want to drink all night, they want to do everything.

But trust me, everybody that I have seen in this business, every one of them that burned the candle at both ends, they end up in a bad place. That’s what Tammy is going through now”.


He also commented on whether she deserved to go to prison.

“Being in jail for a substantial amount of time, I don’t wish that on nobody, I just don’t. If you murdered somebody and you deserve it, and you go there, okay, so be it. Do I wish that on you? No. That’s what I am talking about,” he stated.

“I don’t say we shy away from the punishment or anything like that for her. Whatever she’s gonna get, she’s gonna get. I just feel sorry for the legacy, what she did for the business; she did a lot. Then that fall from grace, it’s gotta be hard”.

Bill DeMott believes Sytch should be kicked out of the Hall of Fame “I can’t even state how hard it’s got to be for Bill DeMott, okay? I am sure that’s something he wakes up with every day for the rest of his life.

That’s something he’s going to have to wake up with,” he said. “I can’t even go there, and him having his feelings and views on what should happen, I get it, I understand it. I’m not going to sit here, as I say, and downplay his feelings or anything like that”.