Raw: WWE releases a statement about Sasha Banks and Naomi

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Raw: WWE releases a statement about Sasha Banks and Naomi

Naomi and Sasha Banks, the two tag team champions of the WWE main roster, left the arena where Monday Night Raw was about to take place, after having had differences with the management of the Stamford company, regarding the main event of the evening, which saw a 6-player match between women, in which the WWE would have to find the new challenger to the title for Bianca Belair.

After hearing the booking of the match, which in theory was supposed to win Naomi, Sasha Banks would have expressed all his disappointment, with John Laurinaitis having to ask for the support of Vince McMahon himself, who confirmed the plans for the main event, sending Sasha Banks into a rage.

At that point, both Sasha and Naomi preferred to leave their belts in the talent relations director's office, leaving the arena, with the most unruly behavior in the company's history in the modern era.

Latest update on Sasha Banks and Naomi

After only a few hours from the facts, WWE wanted to tell how things went, writing on its website and spreading these words to all the most important press in the world: "When Sasha Banks and Naomi arrived at the arena this afternoon, they were notified of their participation in tonight's (16th May's) Monday Night Raw main event.

During the live broadcast, they walked into the office of WWE Talent Relations Director John Laurinaitis with their suitcases in hand, placing their champion belts on the desk and walking away. The two said they were not respected enough as tag team champions.

And despite having eight hours to try to build their match, they claimed to be uncomfortable in the ring with two of their opponents - even though they have had a few individual matches over the past few weeks, to no avail.

Monday Night Raw is a scripted TV show whose characters must perform their own performances as required by their contract. We regret that we were unable to offer tonight's main event as advertised." As per the official WWE statement, Sasha Banks and Naomi left their tag team championships in Head of Talent Relations John Lauriantis' office.

The duo stated that they weren't respected enough and expressed their discomfort working with two superstars in the main event whose identity wasn't disclosed. Former WWE star Mia Yim took to Twitter to show her support, where she named both Banks and Naomi along with a blue and green heart, respectively.