Damian Priest opens up on Edge

Edge won the 2021 Men's Royal Rumble to set up a Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns

by Simone Brugnoli
Damian Priest opens up on Edge

We recently saw Edge create a new stable called Judgment Day, which as the name implies, allows you to definitively judge all the WWE roster that they don't like, but also the WWE Universe. In this stable, Damian Priest joined as the first member following the defeat that led him to lose his title, while little by little he also brought out his more animalistic side after being good for some time.

In a new interview with Military News, Damian Priest talked about what it's like to work with Edge and how surreal it is that Edge went to him personally and asked him to collaborate on this project. "It is funny. Ever since I was at NXT, Edge and I have had conversations about getting together and doing some business together," Priest said.

Damian Priest on Edge

Damian Priest also said, "We are alike in a lot of things and I've been very open about which ones are mine. idols I admire and Edge is clearly one of them. It all has to do with the times. I kept pushing through the thing.

Every time we talk I say: 'Hey, by the way, if I ever want to do something ....' I write to him all the time for advice or call him and he is very quiet with me proposing ideas and giving me his opinion. Finally, we got to a point where I didn't know which direction I was going and he was open to new ideas.

He said: 'Maybe I'll reform another group or a team with someone' and he said to me: 'What do you think, do you want to be a tag team?' That's how it went. He came to me and said: 'Would you be interested in this?' I said, 'Absolutely, why are you even asking me? This is exactly what we are doing.'

" The two then also welcomed a third member, Rhea Ripley, who spoke a little about the stable in another interview, also illustrating her experience with the two men. The man now known as Parker Boudreaux was released by WWE on April 29th.

According to a member of the creative team in the report, The Ultimate Opportunist had pushed for his inclusion in the stable right up until the company let the young star go. But their agenda to recruit members is not done yet, and the company has already planned for another superstar to join them.

It was recently reported by Brad Shepard on the Unleashed Patreon that the current plans are for Finn Balor to turn on Styles and join The Judgment Day stable as its final member.

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