Is JBL the best heel ever?

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Is JBL the best heel ever?

JBL is unanimously recognized as one of the best heels in modern WWE history. During his long and glorious career, the 55-year-old from Sweetwater has won the WWE Championship once, once the Intercontinental title, once the US title, once the European Championship, eighteen times the Hardcore Championship and three times.

the World Tag Team Championship (with Ron Simmons), making him the 10th wrestler in the company's history to have completed the Grand Slam. In 2021, he was inducted with full merit into the WWE Hall of Fame. In the latest edition of the 'Hall of Fame' podcast, Booker T crowned John 'Bradshaw' Layfield as the perfect heel.

JBL is a WWE Hall of Famer

"JBL was the perfect heel: he knew what his role was and he played it perfectly" - explained Booker T. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer also spoke about Randy Orton: "People love this version of Orton, but she would be delighted to see him in single again before he retires.

This experience with Riddle has really done him a lot of good, he has worked excellently over the past year. The Legend Killer is in perfect shape and would have no difficulty competing against younger athletes. I sincerely hope WWE will put it back in its natural habitat”.

Could not miss a judgment on the return of Cody Rhodes to WWE: “All Elite Wrestling has always had many people in charge and it was inevitable that disagreements would arise sooner or later. You can't have that many roosters in the chicken coop and expect things to always go for the best.

Probably, some friction has surfaced between Cody and the AEW leadership. I doubt that - within the company - they are all as happy as on the first day. We were all blown away because Rhodes had contributed to the birth of AEW along with The Young Bucks.

Hardly anyone imagined that he would be the one to pack the bags." 'The American Nightmare' defeated Seth Rollins at both Wrestlemania 38 and WrestleMania Backlash, reiterating that he is one of the best talents around.

Speaking in a YouTube Q&A, JBL said Brock Lesnar unselfishly asked to lose the match because he knew his opponent had friends in the crowd. “I was working with Brock in Abilene and I said, ‘Hey, Brock, I wanna talk to you,’ and he goes, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, your college buddies are here.

I’m gonna put you over.’ I said, ‘Brock, they don’t care who goes over. I couldn’t care less. You win, I win, it doesn’t matter.’ I said, ‘We’re going to a place afterwards,’ and so that’s what I was telling him,” JBL said.