Bobby Lashley wants to face Brock Lesnar again

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Bobby Lashley wants to face Brock Lesnar again

During his WWE career, Bobby Lashley has held the WWE Championship twice, the ECW World Championship twice, the Intercontinental title twice, and the United States Championship twice. He has also won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship four times, once the TNA X Division Championship and once the TNA King of the Mountain Championship.

After a stoppage caused by a shoulder injury, 'The All Mighty' has started a heated feud with the mighty Omos. On the second night of WrestleMania 38, Bobby managed to prevail by inflicting his first-ever pinfall defeat. During a recent interview with 'So Catch', Lashley returned to talk about his victory over Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble 2022.

A month later, 'The Beast Incarnate' regained the WWE Championship by beating the competition at Elimination Chamber.

Bobby Lashley on facing Brock Lesnar

“Did I get a chance to beat Brock Lesnar as I wished? No, but I still managed to defeat him” - said Bobby Lashley.

“I hope to have the chance to measure myself against the Beast again. I am quite convinced that there will be another match between me and Brock, in which I will show people that I am the best in the world ”- he added.

Bobby has no plans to retire anytime soon: “I think I won't have any problems figuring out when the time is right to say enough, but that day is not that close yet. I feel good enough that I can hope to keep fighting until I'm 50.

If my body continues to support me in this way, there is no reason why I should stop now. If I were no longer able to keep up with certain rhythms or my appearance was affected by the weight of age, I would have no problem stepping aside.

I'm 100% fit and I think I can compete with any superstar on the roster”. WWE is slowly recovering from the effects of the global pandemic. Over the past two years, quite a few talents and insiders have been released. This week on Raw, Lashley was given a chance to settle the scores against Omos inside a steel cage.

However, interference from Cedric Alexander before the bell and during the match made things difficult for Lashley, as did Mvp. The All Mighty managed to deal with his former Hurt Business partners, but the power of the Nigerian Giant seemed too much for him.

In the concluding moments of the match, Lashley was loaded up onto Omos' shoulders and thrown full force into the cage, sending him through the wall and to the outside.

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