The heat towards Sasha Banks is growing

Sasha Banks and Naomi recently won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

by Simone Brugnoli
The heat towards Sasha Banks is growing

As we have already reported several times during the morning, during the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired this week, WWE literally saw both tag team champions on the main roster, Sasha Banks and Naomi leaving the show backstage, after some differences with the creative team, with John Laurinaitis and with the Chairman, Vince McMahon.

After a few minutes of discussion, in fact, the two left their belts on the table in the office of the talent relations executive and decided to leave, leaving the WWE crew orphaned of their champions, with the WWE also having to apologize to its audience, issuing a very harsh official statement against his two "fugitives".

Apparently, there is something underneath this matter, with some online sources talking about contractual issues, while others talk about a malaise that has been going on for weeks, with WWE ignoring it, and not listening to its athletes.

As for Sasha Banks, it's not even the first time the athlete has left the backstage of a show, only to show up after days.

Backstage news on Sasha Banks

WWE Superstars and management have been left 'puzzled' by the actions of Sasha Banks and Naomi on WWE RAW this week.

Wade Keller added that there is not a lot of sympathy for the two as many believe it was the wrong thing to do. Although it still needs to be 100% clear on the situation that led to the voluntary removal of the two athletes from Raw backstage, it still seems that the situation around Sasha Banks is not the best, with the athlete already at his second whim.

nice big, with the first that had almost led her to terminate her contract with the McMahons, a few years ago. As reported in the last few hours by the newsletter of Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, in fact: "Most likely, they shouldn't have left, but still, we don't know what led to their estrangement.

There is a lot of heat on Sasha Banks right now, as it should be. I have heard this from some people who are not part of the management. But again, they don't know the whole story yet. So, you still have to figure out what the whole situation is.

It's an incomplete story for the moment. They're paid to play a role on TV and WWE said that… Behind the scenes, there's not a ton of instant sympathy or thought of like 'finally they took a stand' over this injustice that was going on. It's more like 'What, where did that come from and how did they get themselves so worked up over this?'"

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