Does Paige want to return to the WWE ring?

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Does Paige want to return to the WWE ring?

One of the most beloved British athletes in recent WWE history is Paige, a former NXT champion and overall champion also on the company's main roster, with the unfortunate athlete suffering from a bad neck injury in recent years, which has forced her to retire from wrestling.

However, it is yet unknown if this retirement's for ever or only for a long period of her career. After seeing the miraculous returns of Edge and Daniel Bryan in the rings of the McMahon-owned company, there would be hope therefore also for Paige, who in several of her latest interviews, wanted to talk about a possible return, which however is not yet close.

What WWE Univese fans have been wondering in recent months and weeks, however, is another thing, namely: why among the many WWE releases of unused athletes, Paige never fell under these names? To explain the reason, it was Dave Meltzer, who confirmed that WWE was willing to keep a huge character like Paige on-screen, to attract fans to follow the company, but so far, there has been no type for her.

floor in the company's rings, not even at an idle level.

What's next for Paige?

After reading some rumors in recent months, in which she was declared able to return to fighting, there has been no official news of Paige, with the athlete who is currently still in the pits due to her neck injury and that at what it seems he would still not be able to return to fight.

If in the last few weeks Paige has nominated herself to be manager of Ronda Rousey, the current champion of Friday Night Smackdown, in the last few hours the Englishwoman of the WWE has wanted to continue to tease the imagination of her fans, still speaking clearly about returning.

In fact, in her last tweet we read: "Imagine a comeback though." That Paige is just playing around with her fans and their emotions a bit? Or is the wrestler really ready to return to the scene with the federation? If not with an active role in the ring as an athlete, perhaps as a manager or as a speaker in some way, as has been done in the last period of her career.

The first-ever NXT Women's Champion retired from in-ring competition on the April 9th 2018 edition of Monday Night RAW. This came as a result of a neck injury she suffered from a kick from Sasha Banks at a house show in December 2017.

Many fans have been clamoring for her return to wrestling for years. This, especially after superstars like Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson) and Edge, who had to retire due to neck injuries, have made their in-ring returns in recent years.