Road Dogg: Sasha Banks and Naomi case could be a work

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Road Dogg: Sasha Banks and Naomi case could be a work

SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio hosted Road Dogg who spoke right at the beginning about Sasha Banks and Naomi and the situation they walked out of the show. “All I’ve heard so far are the rumors,” Dogg said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“But when I see them publically put it all out there like that, it just makes me feel like it’s a work, you know what I mean? It just makes me feel like, if that really happened, in my mind, they would just change the main event, and probably not even say anything.

I’ve been in meetings where we’ve done worse than that. “So I just feel like, if they’re going to put it all out there – I know they do have a new leadership regime kinda in there a little bit, but it just makes me think Vince ain’t gonna put it all out there like that.

He doesn’t have to air his dirty laundry like that, I don’t feel. “Again, that’s just my opinion. I don’t know, one way or the other, and what leads people to believe that is, you know, Sasha’s been around, she had complained in the past.

She has had issues with her creative in the past, and so it makes you at least lean towards, ‘well maybe that did happen,’ and look, maybe it did. “The truth of it is, would you do that Bubba [Bully Ray Busted Open Radio host]? You know what I mean? You’re the tag champs.

I think it is a publicity stunt to try and add some heat to the tag titles. But again, that’s just me, and I’m a cynical worker who’s been around the business my whole life, so I think everything’s a work”.

Road Dogg theory

Road Dogg believes this could be something much bigger “I feel like they used words like that [in the WWE statement released after RAW] to throw you and make you go like, ‘they would never use words like that,'” Road Dogg said.

“I just think that’s how cunning and baffling sometimes the creative direction up there is. So, I don’t know. I love the discussion because I don’t know if we’ll ever get an answer – well I guess we will if they show up on AEW, I guess we’ll have an answer”.