Jimmy Smith on the Naomi and Sasha Banks incident: I’ve heard rumors


Jimmy Smith on the Naomi and Sasha Banks incident: I’ve heard rumors

WWE commentator Jimmy Smith spoke to Unlocking the Cage about Naomi and Sasha Banks and whether their actions during the show were part of the plan. “This is not a work,” Smith said as quoted by wrestlinginc. “This really actually happened from everything, I wasn’t there I was calling the show, from everything I’ve been told, everything that the WWE is saying happened.

Now obviously there are many sides to the story, I don’t know why Naomi and Sasha Banks walked out, I don’t know why. I’ve heard rumors but I’m not going to repeat them because it’s innuendo and I don’t know.

My point is, a lot of people when this was first released on Instagram, half the comments were ‘this is a work,’ it’s not, this legitimately happened. “One thing you will see in the WWE, from the time I’ve been there, when they say ‘This is our main event,’ something goofy may happen in that main event, there might be slight differences but they’re not going to say ‘this is our main event’ and pull the rug from out under you.

They will not advertise the main event and pull it out from under you. They want to know that you as an audience member will generally get the match that you thought you were going to get."


He also spoke about certain problems.

“If you stuck around to 10:45 to get this match, that’s what you were going to see and what’s upsetting to the people behind the scenes on this one is they advertise the main event, I got up there on the microphone and Corey Graves to my left said ‘Six women tag team match…’ then we sat down and we didn’t, we meaning the WWE, couldn’t deliver that main event.

Not happy about that. “I believe this statement is seething with that ‘we promised a main event and because of these people we couldn’t deliver it,’ you could almost feel that like hey, we don’t like that we promised something we couldn’t deliver to our fans”.

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