Rikishi about interesting memories with Yokozuna

“He was a joker, he loved hip-hop, he LOVED to freestyle – one of his favorite rappers back in the day was Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg"

by Sead Dedovic
Rikishi about interesting memories with Yokozuna

Rikishi decided to talk about Yokazuna with Brandon Robinson of Bally Sports, and talked about what kind of person he is behind the camera
“You know, he’s nothing like you see on TV. Yoko was just a humble cat in the locker room, in and out of the ring,” Rikishi said, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“He was a joker, he loved hip-hop, he LOVED to freestyle – one of his favorite rappers back in the day was Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. He loved to play [dominoes] in the locker room. He was a cat that, numerous times when we would go eat a restaurant and you see all the boys there, Yoko was so generous at all times and would pick up these bills: food bills, drink bills, whatever the case it may be.

I’m talkin’ about bills that were well over $2,000 – $3,000 dollars, no joke, and he was always a teacher of the game. “Every time a new talent came through the locker room, if they wanted to learn, he was in their ear.

He was a good leader in the locker room. He had a passion for the industry. If he didn’t like you or you did something wrong, he’d tell you straight — he’d tell you straight, and then after that, it’s done.

And everybody respected Yoko, and it was just his way of being a caring big person. He comes from a family of the church. Our grandfather and grandmother are preachers of the Christian church and so, we were raised underneath there as a very close-knit family.

He was a great, great father to his two kids who are now grown adults. He’s an amazing brother to his two sisters and his one brother. And as far as a cousin, man, I mean, I don’t even like to use that word with Brandon because he’s more like a brother than he is a cousin.


He also recalled some other memories that tell how great a person Yokozuna was. “His house was open to anybody if you needed help or whatever, Yoko was there. I told this story in Yoko’s documentary on the WWE app.

Back in the day, I just won the tag team title with the Headshrinkers and Yoko was on top – I had just bought this house in Pensacola, Florida and while I was on the road, my sons Solo and the twins were home. I got a call that the heat went out in the house and it was cold back in Pensacola, and I had just bought the place and I spent every dime that I had back in the day to get this place here, and while we were traveling to the town New York City, he asked me, “How are the kids? How’s the family doing?” I just tried to hide it and I wasn’t trying to tell him.

He said, “What is it, man? What happened?” and I said, ‘The damn heat went out in the house and I don’t have the funds to back it up, so I have to save what I can on the road to get home and I don’t know how much it’s gonna cost… ‘ and this is part when, I mean, numerous times that anybody that he cared about – the brother pulled out his checkbook, signed the bottom of the check and gave me a blank check.

“And this is a small token of how this cat is. And, you know, my kids… that’s all they know. When Yoko comes to the house, it’s Uncle Rodney. Uncle Rodney this, Uncle Rodney that…Uncle Rodney was just one generous cat and you can’t help but think about the time that he isn’t here, what he would’ve been because he would’ve been retired by now and who knows what type of foundation that this man, this icon would have started for not only the community but for our culture, for the business of professional wrestling, the college of professional wrestling because that’s who he was, that type of giving person.

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