New details on Becky Lynch's current status

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New details on Becky Lynch's current status
New details on Becky Lynch's current status (Provided by Wrestling World)

As we reported this week, Naomi and Sasha Banks, the WWE Main Roster's Tag Team champions, left the arena where Monday Night Raw was taking place, after having had some differences with the management of the company, about the main event of the evening, which saw a 6-player match between women, in which the WWE would have to find the new challenger to the title for Becky Lynch.

After hearing the booking of the match, which in theory had to win Naomi, to become the No. 1 contender, Sasha Banks would have expressed all his disappointment, with John Laurinaitis having to ask for the support of Vince McMahon himself, who has confirmed plans for the main event, sending Sasha Banks and her tag team partner on a rampage.

At that point, both Sasha and Naomi preferred to leave their belts in the talent relations director's office.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch tried to attack Cody Rhodes in a hilarious visual after last night's WWE RAW went off the air.

Apparently, what we saw live on Monday Night Raw after the champions left the scene, would have been organized in literally a few minutes, with Becky Lynch and Adam Pearce who have in fact put together a promo, in which the two had to explain what had happened, to drastically change the evening's main event.

As reported by Bryan Alvarez in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, in fact: "They recorded a really quick angle where Becky explained that she saw Sasha and Naomi leave their belts on their desk and walk away, so there couldn't be a six pack challenge and she wanted to be named the new No.

1 contender. And Adam Pearce ended up saying, 'Well, then it will be you and Asuka one on one and the winner goes against Bianca Belair.' I don't know 100% but the impression I totally got is that none of them had any idea what was going on and so they just came out and said, 'Go out there and do this, quick.'

All of a sudden, Cody Rhodes came out for his dark match. Lynch decided to attack him with punches and kicks, and she failed miserably. It did make for an amusing visual, though. Bianca Belair can also be seen fist-bumping Cody on the entrance ramp.

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