Bully Ray speaks about Kane

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Bully Ray speaks about Kane

During his long and glorious career, Kane has won 19 titles (including three world titles). The current Mayor of Knox County is also a twelve-time duo champion, having held both the World Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship with multiple partners.

His palmarès also include the Hardcore Championship, the Intercontinental title and the 24/7 Championship. Jacobs ranks second for most WWE pay-per-view stakes, behind Randy Orton. After a few years of involvement in politics, Kane ran for Mayor of Knox County in 2017.

He was elected on August 2, 2018, after winning the primary with 67% of the vote and took office on September 1. In the latest edition of 'Busted Open Radio', WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray said she never had good chemistry with Kane in the ring.

Bully Ray reflects on Kane

“There are some athletes that I have not felt comfortable with in the ring. One of the performers I had less chemistry with was undoubtedly Kane. Despite having had excellent matches against each other, I was always uncomfortable because I found it difficult to move and lift him.

Quite simply, there was not the same chemistry between us that I had with other guys" - revealed Bully Ray. Bully also talked about the reign of Roman Reigns: “Roman is already one of the longest-running world champions of all time.

Only sacred monsters of the caliber of Bruno Sammartino, Backlund, Hulk Hogan and then Bruno again precede him. This proves that Reigns made WWE history. He will be remembered as one of the best performers of the modern era. Vince McMahon will do everything in his power for Roman to break more records and get as high on that list as possible.

His reduced schedule is also aimed at reaching this goal" The 'Tribal Chief' defeated Brock Lesnar in the key match of WrestleMania 38. Mike Johnson from PWInsider has revealed what the WWE's plans are for Kane going forward and he suggested that we wouldn't be seeing him on Monday Night Raw for too long as Kane's return is only a short-term thing.

Whilst Johnson stated that Kane's return has been in the works for a few months now, he also said that there wasn't much planned for the former World Champion. As a result, Kane would probably only be around for a month which means we'll have him for the TLC pay-per-view and roughly for around three weeks after that.