Candice LeRae reveals her next move

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Candice LeRae reveals her next move

Candice LeRae recently decided not to renew her contract with WWE after taking the time to deliver her first child alongside her husband Johnny Gargano, who had left the company months earlier. Obviously, with her contract having expired, the new mother can already resume fighting for any company, whether it is an indie or a major, because there is no 30-day clause, in her case because she was at NXT, which is applied only in the event of dismissal before the expiration of the contract.

There are many options for Candice, but it is thought she could go to All Elite Wrestling, a company that according to some rumors is said to be strongly interested in having her on their roster, with people at the top who would be pushing to get her hired.

Backstage news on Candice LeRae

In addition to the rumors, Candice LeRae herself may have actually revealed that her path in professional wrestling will continue on the road to Jacksonville, in fact, something special happened on Twitter.

Over the weekend, both she and the Executive Vice Presidents of All Elite Wrestling, the tag team The Young Bucks, longtime friends of Candice, have changed the banners, which are the cover images of their profiles, on Twitter.

Both images depict moments from their 2014 intergender tag team match at the time of their performance in the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Anyone who knows even a little bit Candice LeRae knows very well that she is considered one of the queens of intergender matches, having done so many in her indies' period all of which have solidified her career even more as one of the best in professional wrestling.

LeRae took a hiatus from the developmental brand in the fall of 2021 as she prepared to give birth to her baby in February. Earlier this month, her WWE contract expired. While many assumed she was months away from returning to the squared circle, her future was up in the air following her departure from the promotion.

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation this month regarding the identities of those who will show up as the 'Joker' on Dynamite. Possible names range from Cesaro and Athena (the former Ember Moon) to Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. It remains to be seen whether LeRae will be making her debut in AEW any time soon.