Nash Carter issues his first statement since his release

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Nash Carter issues his first statement since his release

Zachary Wentz, known as Nash Carter in WWE, finally broke his silence after being fired by WWE on April 6, releasing a statement about the photo his ex posted of him imitating Hitler. In fact, his ex-wife Kimber Lee accused him of domestic violence, attracting not only the attention of fans, but also those of the Stamford-based company who initially did not give us so much weight, but then let him go.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion has since refrained from posting on social media until now.

Nash Carter issued his first statement

Recently, the wrestler wrote: "A statement from Zachary Green. No words can truly describe how ashamed I am and I apologize for my conduct in photography.

There is no excuse for such behavior and I take full responsibility for my own. actions and I ask for forgiveness. This photo was taken in 2015, a time when I was ignorant on the subject and therefore didn't understand the magnitude of how harmful it was.

In 2020 someone was trying to extort me by threatening to post it on social media. I sent it to my wife to discuss the situation. Apparently, she kept it and then decided, in retaliation for filing the divorce, to post it on social media.

Regardless of how the photograph came to light, there is still no excuse for my actions. Over the past month I have taken time to reflect on my conduct to which I express my remorse and regret. I spent time off social media to refresh and re-educate myself about the horrors of the Holocaust.

I truly hope this situation will teach and bring awareness about the horrific tragedy that has taken place so that something like this never happens again. I can assure you that this is not who I am or what I represent as a human being, and I feel it is never too late to educate and improve yourself.

If you ever come to the Orlando / Maitland area, take some time to visit the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida where you can learn the history and depth of what happened. It was an incredibly enlightening and impactful experience that teaches the importance of this story." For the record, Nash Carter was 21 in 2015.

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