Ric Flair Talks About His Last Match

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Ric Flair Talks About His Last Match

Ric Flair is a legendary WWE Hall of Famer and he is currently 73 years old. He is all set to wrestle the last match of his career at Starrcast V. The event will be held in Nashville. Ric Flair has wrestled some of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

He is also the man that helped Sting during the early parts of his career. On his podcast, he spoke about stepping into the ring one last time. Ric Flair is no longer an active wrestler and isn’t even featured regularly on WWE TV.

However, many people think he is putting his life at risk by stepping into the ring.

Ric Flair Speaks About His Starrcast V appearance

“I’m over the top excited about it,” Flair said. “I just want to address a few things.

I would say it’s 70% positive but for the 30% of people that are worried about me getting in the ring and wrestling again, first of all, I assure you that I’ve been in a ring a lot more than I’ve shown on social media.

I have to get quicker, I have to get faster, I’ve got two months to do that. I’m in better shape now because I train with John Cena’s personal trainer than I’ve ever been in my life in terms of cardio.

I’ve never been a cosmetic wonderboy so I am going to wear a shirt. I can assure you that in two and a half months I will put on a clinic on what real wrestling and what wrestling should be about. I’m never going to be able to do a moonsault and god bless those people that can, I’ll never be able to do a lot of stuff but work, punch, kick, fundamentals, cheat? “A lot of people are going to say holy s--t and those that were doubters are going to say holy s--t and shame on you.

I’m saying it loud and clear, shame on you if you think I would put myself in a position [like this without being sure]. For the other people to understand, you want me to tell you how much money I make on Cameo? That alone I can live on for the rest of my life.

My life is good, I don’t need the money but baby I like the glory. I’m never going to walk away from it if I have a chance to get myself over it, I’m going to do it. I’ve been doing it my whole life”.

Ric Flair is no longer associated with WWE anymore, and many people believe he might appear for All Elite Wrestling someday. However, Ric revealed that WWE employees will be there to watch his last match. “I’m honored to say and I don’t want to give their names out but 10 people from the WWE are coming, for sure,” Ric Flair said.

“They’ve all called me and said they wouldn’t miss it. It’s not like it’s off-limits to the kids if they want to come, I still have a lot of friends there. I’m excited about that, not trying to prove a point to anybody else but myself”.

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