New details on Naomi's contract

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New details on Naomi's contract

After everything that has been coming out in the last few days following the abandonment of Naomi and Sasha Banks on Monday Night Raw, obviously, we are also trying to understand what the situation is like for the two at the moment in the company.

After the spread of the fake news on the punishment that the WWE would have decided to propose for the two, immediately denied by the Boss's husband, it is not yet known what could happen to the two. However, in the latest update by Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Radio, we learn that one of the two members of the Boss N'Glow is said to have a particular contractual situation.

In fact, it is not known exactly when Naomi's contract will expire, but it is expected that it will be soon. In fact, she seems to have been negotiating with the company to extend it and continue her career with the McMahons, as she has been doing for several years now.

Obviously, with what happened there could be changes in the bargaining or even there could already have been and that is why the wrestler has decided to rebel among the various reasons related to the wrong treatment of the team and the titles that lead to her life.

Backstage news on Naomi

According to Bully Ray, Naomi still has a future in the company: "Hey, maybe this is all a great story to split the two girls and get Naomi into the Bloodline. I don't know. If it's work, I already love it.

This would be a move to the level of Heyman, pay attention to the details of a work." Recently, however, a WWE Raw commentator stated with absolute certainty that it is not a work, but that it is all 100% true: “It is not work.

This really happened. Everything WWE is saying really happened. Now, of course, there are many versions of the story. I don't know why Naomi and Sasha Banks left." In an interview with Inside the Ropes ahead of WrestleMania, Naomi spoke about possibly joining the faction in the future.

"I do [get the Paul Heyman wisdom] and it is a little weird that I’m not in it [The Bloodline] because I’m always there with them. I’m always there, I’m always around, I’m always, you know, annoying them so, maybe later down the road or maybe there’s somewhere for me to come in with the boys, with Jon and Josh [Jimmy & Jey Uso], who knows? But definitely something I would look forward to. I would want it to be the right time, you know? And done properly," said Naomi.