Raw: WWE suspends Naomi and Sasha Banks indefinitely

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Raw: WWE suspends Naomi and Sasha Banks indefinitely

As widely reported in various news in recent days, the champions of the WWE main roster, or Sasha Banks and Naomi decided to abandon the last episode of Monday Night Raw a few minutes before getting into the ring, for a great difference of views with the WWE management and its creative team, who had also included them in the main event of the episode, with Naomi who apparently should also have won the match to become No.

1 contender for the title of Bianca Belair. Initially, in fact, the match should have been a Six-Pack Challenge, with Sasha Banks, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Doudrop and Nikki ASH and instead in the end the WWE opted for a simple 1 vs 1 between the former champion Becky Lynch and Asuka, with the Japanese who won the match thanks to her Green Mist.

Over the following hours and days, news emerged regarding the abandonment of the two athletes from the arena in which the show was airing, with several insiders who remarked all the heat towards Sasha Banks and Naomi, for having maintained a decidedly unprofessional behavior.

WWE suspends Sasha Banks and Naomi

During the episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired tonight on FOX TV screens in America, WWE wanted to leave Michael Cole the task of informing their fans of the WWE Universe, of how the company wanted to suspend the athletes indefinitely who are guilty of decidedly unprofessional behavior during the episode of the red show.

While the Smackdown live broadcast, in fact, the historic WWE commentator confirmed that both athletes, Sasha Banks and Naomi, have been suspended for an indefinite time by WWE. No other details have been released by the company or by any other insider, but it is clear that the WWE does not want to give up a step this time, unlike what it did a few years ago with only Sasha Banks, who had left the company.

after Wrestlemania, having lost the tag team titles currently in his possession. This time, moreover, the WWE has also had to put their face to it, since the athletes have given up after the company had already announced and advertised the main event of the red show, then modified in the race for the abandonment of the two.

The Boss 'n' Glow Connection walked out around the start of this week's episode of RAW. They were both scheduled to take part in a six-pack challenge for a shot at Bianca Belair's RAW Women's Championship, with Naomi seemingly set to win. It was changed to a singles match between Becky Lynch and Asuka.