*Spoiler* LA Knight debuts with a new name

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*Spoiler* LA Knight debuts with a new name
*Spoiler* LA Knight debuts with a new name

We had been talking to you for several weeks now about WWE management's plans for its now-former NXT athlete, LA Knight, with the former Million Dollar Champion of the WWE third brand who was preparing his entry on the scene also on the main roster.

of the McMahon federation. After seeing several departures from the NXT roster, with the company having seen fit to fire several athletes, many others have instead been moved to the main roster, such as Raquel Rodriguez, Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser, all with a new name.

This also included LA Knight, who had been performing for a few weeks in the various episodes of the Main Event or in the dark matches that were staged before the weekly WWE tapings. As we had already reported several times, the new plans for LA Knight on the main roster were to act as a manager for a stable of models, with the former absolute TNA champion who temporarily abandoned the clothes of an athlete, and wore elegant ones suiting a very important manager in the fashion world, instead.

LA Knight becomes Max Dupri

During the episode of the blue show that aired this Friday, Adam Pearce was approached by a new face in that of Smackdown, with the now-ex LA Knight who introduced himself to the official of the company as Max Dupri, his new name, confirming himself to be the manager of Maximum Male Models, a male modeling agency that will soon take over the McMahon company's Friday night show.

Apparently, according to the manager's assertions, Dupri would have signed a contract with Sonya Deville, when she was still in office as an official of the company, before her dismissal. After a very heartfelt promo from the manager, Pearce, despite being initially a bit confused, realized he had a new face in Smackdown, who from next week will start his journey in front of the cameras of the WWE blue show.

Alongside him, Dupri should have, as already evident from the last live appearances, the two former Raw athletes: Mace and Mansoor, with the two who could also have their names changed soon. During this week's episode of SmackDown, Knight appeared during a backstage segment.

However, he now bears the new name 'Max Dupri' as the CEO of Maximum Male Models. This isn't the first time WWE has arranged a name change for their talents. Some examples are Butch (FKA Pete Dunne), Gunther (WALTER), Ludwig Kaiser (Marcel Barthel), among others.

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