Total confusion for Ezekiel in WWE

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Total confusion for Ezekiel in WWE
Total confusion for Ezekiel in WWE (Provided by Wrestling World)

One of the funniest storylines that WWE is currently broadcasting is certainly that of Ezekiel's debut, who continues to deny being Elias, but only his younger brother. The member of the Raw roster has specifically targeted Kevin Owens, with whom he has now started a rivalry based on the fact that he is not the former Drifter.

Last week Owens even subjected Ezekiel to the lie detector and the ''young'' passed the test, while this week he found himself involved in the main event to team up with the celebrated of the evening Randy Orton, Riddle and Cody Rhodes.

In short, a good period for the non-Elias, who also had an unexpected and quite confusing encounter just before the last episode of the red show.

What's next for Ezekiel?

In the last few hours, WWE has shared a video on its social channels that shows us the meeting between Ezekiel and the mayor of Knox Country, the county where the episode took place, namely Glenn Jacobs.

You all know who this is, right? Or maybe you just think you know. Ezekiel in fact approached Jacobs, who was preparing to give answers for the return of WWE Raw to his country and complimented him. Everything went smoothly, with the mayor who in turn praised the boy by telling him that he will probably go much further than his brother Elias, until Ezekiel spoke about Kane.

The mayor of the county then revealed that he himself was a big fan of the Big Red Monster, however denying that he himself had taken on the role of the Demon. In short, double personalities in comparison, with Ezekiel who was very confused by the conversation with one of his childhood idols.

Or just with a politician who looked a lot like us. To you the choice. The video of the strange encounter can of course also be found on YouTube, on the official channel of the Stamford-based federation, but you can also see it below.

Ezekiel spoke about his brother's disappearance when he made an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. He revealed that it's been months since he last saw him, but he's confident that his brother will come back. "It's been months since I've seen my brother," said Ezekiel.

"I miss the guy. Despite all the trouble he liked to cause, he was actually quite a good brother to me. I miss him, but he's out doing his own thing. He'll pop back up when it feels right. In the meantime, I'm here. I'm his younger brother and I'm having a great time in the WWE."

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