Naomi revolutionizes her social accounts

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Naomi revolutionizes her social accounts

The week is practically over and after the scandal that enveloped Sasha Banks and Naomi and their escape from Monday Night Raw, it certainly cannot be said that we were left without "war victims", so to speak. In fact, the two former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions found themselves with a handful of flies after the gesture of rebellion, which cost them a suspension, the revocation of the titles and a nice cancellation from various platforms and various contents.

Now it would be easy to try to think with all our strength about what could be the future of the two in the company, but with few things that are really certain, or maybe not even those, all we can do is stick to the situations that have risen in front of us.

New details on Naomi

Naomi and Sasha Banks are reportedly not booked for this week's episode of WWE SmackDown. This comes after the two women walked out of Monday Night RAW earlier this week. While The Boss and the Girl Who Glows have not yet made themselves heard publicly, and who knows if they really will sooner or later, WWE, as reported above, has already taken steps to get their hands on and do a lot of small actions to tamp down the damage.

However, almost in silence, one of the two has decided to take the first steps on their own and we are talking about Naomi, who has removed the words "WWE Superstar" and all references to WWE from her social networks, Twitter and Instagram, and has also changed the graphics by replacing the various profile and cover photos.

Obviously, on Twitter it is still called "NaomiWWE" also because changing the nickname of a verified profile is a bit complicated and perhaps it would not make sense to change it before a possible actual release or goodbye, but the description contains only references to his Instagram and Tik accounts Tok.

According to a report by PWInsider, neither of the two stars have been spotted in town for tonight’s show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The report went on to note that Banks was reportedly on a different flight going from Minneapolis to Orlando.

The Usos take on the team of Riddle and Randy Orton in the long-awaited Tag Team Championship unification match. There have been a lot of theories bouncing around regarding the match and one of these could be that the match ends via disqualification so that the company can avoid having to unify the titles.