Smackdown: Xavier Woods was brutally attacked

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Smackdown: Xavier Woods was brutally attacked
Smackdown: Xavier Woods was brutally attacked (Provided by Wrestling World)

Main event Tag Team Championship Unification match: The Usos vs RK-Bro. Really great match, but I didn't have too many doubts. In the end Randy knocks out both twins with his Scoop Powerslam, then ... RKO ON JIMMY! .. 1 ... 2 ... NO!

Jey saves everything at the last minute and also takes the change, then hitting Orton with a Superkick, but Riddle also takes the tag from the other side. Jey suffers the offensive of his rival, then takes control of the match, even reaching a 2 count.

Xavier Woods had the early advantage and sent Butch to the floor before getting a dive. Butch got some moves of his own and locked in a headlock before Woods broke free and hit the Honor Roll.

Xavier Woods def. Butch

Xavier Woods tried for a springboard move but caught a big strike before going down.

The King of the Ring came in with the Backwoods off a counter and got a small package cover for the win. The Samoan gets on the stake for Use Splash, but the Bro joins him and seems to want to prepare the Super RKO. PAUL HEYMAN GETS IN THE APRON!

The referee gets distracted and ... ROMAN REIGNS MAKES RIDDLE FALL! USE JEY SPLASH! .. 1 ... 2 ... 3! USOS ARE WWE UNDISPUTED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Still not enough though! At the end of the match Reigns and his cousins ​​attack the RK-Bro, with Orton who ends up KO hit by the entrance stairs, while Ridde almost faints under Roman's Guillotine, only to be placed on the comment table ...

SPLASH USE OF JEY! The direction intelligently shows us crying children in the audience, while Adam Pearce and others from the staff arrive to stop the slaughter. But now it's done! Bloodline owns all the world and couple titles, while the RK-Bros have been destroyed.

Unlike many other superstars, Raquel Rodriguez looks tailor-made for the main roster. She has shown signs of being a leading talent in the women's division. However, Rousey is undeniably the most influential female star on the blue brand, and she rarely takes any losses.

It all started with The Miz and Johnny Drip Drip teasing a new water company during the pre-show. It looked like The Miz and Morrison had some sort of mischief up their sleeves. However, when it was time to commence their plan, both of them had forgotten the “Drip Stick 2000”.

Smackdown Xavier Woods