New details on The Rock's return

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New details on The Rock's return

In recent months, to rage on all the rings of the McMahon company, Roman Reigns, the current absolute champion of WWE and Universal of the Stamford-based company, has thought about it, who has been carrying on a reign as a Universal champion for over 600 days, with the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown, who after beating Brock Lesnar, also had to sneak into the programming of Monday Night Raw, orphaned of a champion.

Furthermore, in the last episode of Smackdown, even the lesser cousins, the Usos, have won the homologous belts of Raw, with the two becoming undisputed and undisputed champions of both the main roster of the federation, after beating the competition of the RK-Bro, obviously thanks to the fundamental help of the Tribal Chief.

The only one who at the moment seems to be able to put an end to Roman Reigns' reign of champion, is therefore the only person more famous than the Tribal Chief and with a status that can easily take down his cousin. We are talking about the former WWE Champion The Rock, who in the last decade and beyond, has dedicated his entire life to the world of cinema, becoming for several years in a row, also the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

According to what was revealed in the last hours by the well-known Bryan Alvarez, of the Wrestling Observer, it seems that The Rock has largely changed its agenda, in order not to have commitments in the world of cinema at the beginning of 2023, with such shifts that could be due to his return to the WWE rings, for one last big run, after his last titled reign that came when CM Punk was still the champion.

Latest news on The Rock

In fact, to the microphones of his newsletter, Alvarez reported: "He will have zero film commitments for the first quarter of 2023, which allows him to take part in Wrestlemania without worrying about having film commitments and should also be in time for the XFL launch.

So currently the timing for doing a Wrestlemania match would be excellent this year because he has two different projects that take a long time off from the movies." The Rock was born into a family of wrestlers, with his grandfather, “High Chief” Peter Maivia, a well-known wrestler.

His father, Rocky Johnson, created history by becoming the first black wrestler to win the WWF Tag Team Championship, along with partner Tony Atlas. Johnson briefly lived in New Zealand with his mother’s family, before returning to the United States to finish his schooling, at the President William McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. A multi-talented athlete, Johnson was part of his school’s track, football and wrestling teams.