RAW: Randy Orton got injured

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RAW: Randy Orton got injured

One of the matches that WWE Universe fans have been waiting for the longest is the one that took place on Friday night in the latest weekly episode of Friday Night Smackdown on FOX networks. After seeing the fairly anonymous 3 vs 3 of Wrestlemania Backlash, with the match that initially had to see the unification of the couple titles of the WWE main roster between only Usos and RK-Bro, which eventually became a match with his also internal Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre, in the end, the company has opted to postpone the contest with the couple champions by just a few weeks.

Just last Friday, the dispute that saw Usos go to battle with RK-Bro, with both Raw and Smackdown belts up for grabs, was staged, which had to happen down in the last WWE ppv, but that was not the case. Now WWE has an undisputed single champion for its main roster, namely Roman Reigns, Universal Champion and WWE Champion and a pair of undisputed champions, both of the red and blue show, or the cousins ​​of the Tribal Chief, the Usos.

Matt McCarthy, a former WWE writer, recently discussed Randy Orton’s reaction after he was banned from using the punt kick. During the episode of Monday Night Raw that went on stage this week, Matt Riddle, former tag team champion of Monday Night Raw, thought to open the dances of the show, while appearing without his partner Randy Orton, with Riddle who also wanted to explain why your partner is absent.

Randy Orton is injured

Apparently, Randy Orton's said to be struggling with a fairly annoying back problem, which forced him to a period of forced rest, given that in recent years Randy has been suffering a lot from both his back and shoulders, his weak point from always.

After a twenty-year career, the first ailments begin for him too, with Orton who is most likely out of the scene for a real physical problem and not for company work. In his speech, Riddle even confirmed that we wouldn't be able to see RK-Bro again together if the problem were more serious than expected.

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, McCarthy elaborated on why WWE’s higher-ups banned the move. He also revealed that Orton repeatedly questioned why he could no longer kick his opponents in the head. “The feeling was if he does it as a shoot, he’s kicking someone full-blast in the head and we can’t do that,” McCarthy said.

“If he works it, it looks awful and we can’t do that. So now Randy doesn’t get to do his punt kick at all."