WWE confirms the return of Crown Jewel

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WWE confirms the return of Crown Jewel

After the start of this crackling 2022 for WWE, with the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania shocking a large slice of WWE Universe fans, the Stamford company wanted to top up the dose, announcing a new ppv for the month of February, directly from the rings of Saudi Arabia, where Elimination Chamber was staged.

For the first time in the history of PPVs on Arab soil, WWE also wanted to confirm the landing of the 6-man elimination hell cages, with the match that was valid for the WWE Championship which at the time was in the hands of Bobby Lashley, who had to defend his title from the attacks of Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Matt Riddle, AJ Styles and Austin Theory.

In the end, to win the contest, as you will remember, Brock Lesnar thought about it, who paved all his opponents, winning the match and presenting himself at Wrestlemania 38 against the Universal champion of the federation, Roman Reigns, who later became, on that occasion, the undisputed champion.

Right now, a total of 8 matches have been booked for Crown Jewel. Recently, WWE announced that a 20-man Battle Royal match will take place in Saudi Arabia and the winner will face AJ Styles for the United States Championship the same night.

Latest update on Crown Jewel

During the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired this week, WWE immediately wanted to publicize its next PPV that will be staged in Saudi Arabia, the Crown Jewel, the event that'll see the return of numerous legends and big names of the company, including probably the great absentee of the moment: Brock Lesnar.

This reads the publicity expressed by WWE in the night: "The legends will return to WWE Crown Jewel again, next Saturday, November 5" The ppv that will be staged by Riyadh, will see the inclusion of numerous WWE big names, as has been the case for all the latest episodes of this event, with numerous athletes who, however, will not be able to present themselves this time, such as Undertaker, Triple H and probably also Goldberg, who no longer has a valid contract with the McMahon-owned company.

He, therefore, urges a new renewal with Da Man, before that date. During SmackDown's premiere on FOX, Braun Strowman taunted boxing legend, Tyson Fury. Things were already heated up between the two but then, Strowman threw Dolph Ziggler at Fury which resulted in him jumping through the barricade and confronting The Monster Among Men.

However, the security guards managed to calm him down. Fury appeared on RAW the following week and confronted Strowman again. Their segment ended with a brawl and then, WWE confirmed their one-on-one match at Crown Jewel.