Sonya Deville has a lot of problems right now

Sonya Deville has been fined an undisclosed amount by WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Sonya Deville has a lot of problems right now

In August 2020, a 24-year-old boy was arrested, who had been trying for almost eight years to kidnap Sonya Deville, constantly stalking her on social media and making the life of the WWE athlete truly impossible, who in fear called the police several times, until the final arrest occurred one night.

After an investigation that lasted several months, the sheriff of the town where Sonya Deville lives, finally managed to gather all the necessary evidence to be able to arrest the 24-year-old Philip A Thomas II, who had been trying to organize the kidnapping of the wrestler for several months now, by lurking even under the house of Mandy Rose's friend.

Apparently, Deville's stalker's said to have parked her car around midnight right behind her house by forcing a patio door and hiding there for a full three hours, waiting for the girl and her friend to go to bed after watching a show.

of the UFC. After 2:45 am, with Sonya Deville now gone to sleep, the hidden boy would activate, but set off the house alarm by breaking a glass door inside the house. When the alarm went off, Deville immediately noticed the intruder and called 911, with the sheriff rushing to arrest the stalker.

Sonya Deville has great experience

After this scary episode and a break from WWE to fully recover, we learn that Sonya Deville can end this unhappy chapter of her life by trying to move on. In fact, a court document this week shows that both cases (crime and stalking) against Thomas have been closed.

Thomas had been transferred to Florida State Hospital in Chattahoochee in Florida. It is unknown if he is still there at the moment. Luckily Sonya is fine now, she is also having a great career and certainly whatever happened to her, she has received a lot of support from everyone, which is precious that she has helped her get through the difficult time.

We hope that justice has really been done. Sonya Deville wrestled her first match without her suit to back her up against Alexa Bliss last week on RAW and came up short. Bliss defeated Deville again on the latest episode of RAW.

Ahead of her stint as an official, Deville lost to her former best friend Mandy Rose at SummerSlam in 2020 and was forced to leave the company. She has since wrestled several matches, but as an authority figure, she often bent the rules in her favor. Now that she's a regular competitor again, this advantage has been neutralized.

Sonya Deville