Booker T Speaks About Joey Janela’s Flaming Superkick Spot

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Booker T Speaks About Joey Janela’s Flaming Superkick Spot

Booker T is a legendary WWE superstar and he spoke about Joey Janela’s recent flaming superkick spot. Joey is a former AEW wrestler. He left the AEW to join the indie circuit as he thought his time at AEW was up and he had nothing to offer the promotion anymore.

On his podcast, Booker T criticized the spot. Many other people from the wrestling world also commented on the spot and most believe that the spot was extremely dangerous and unnecessary. The spot was performed during Game Changer Wrestling’s Maniac event.

Joey started the spot by putting lighter fluid on one of his feet. He then lit the fluid before superkicking Drew Parker in the face. Joey then tried to put the fire out but was visibly failing. The fire eventually spread across the canvas.

There were no fire extinguishers at the event, so the staff were using water bottles to put the fire out.

Booker T Speaks About Joey Janela’s Flaming Superkick Spot

“I am always willing to say in somebody’s face what I am willing to say on this show,” Booker said.

“Joey Janela, that was the stupidest thing I ever seen in my career. I’m serious” “He didn’t have on like a boot where it could actually fend off the flames for a minute,” Booker continued.

“He had a kick pad on and a tennis shoe. And he put so much damn lighter fluid on his foot, I mean it probably soaked all the way through to his foot. And the thing is, I don’t know how many seconds it was … in flame, but it was more than 20 seconds.

And fire can get h*t in about 20 seconds”. Booker T actually owns a wrestling school and his promotion is called Reality of Wrestling. It is in Texas. He provides training to young wrestlers and teaches them the basics of wrestling and the business.

Some of his students were actually signed by AEW and the WWE. According to Booker, the Joey spot is a teachable moment. “Hey, if this the route you want to go, that’s on you,” he said. “But plan on working that scene forever, because this is not stuff that they do in the major leagues … It just makes zero sense, and that’s what I to try and teach my wrestlers.

‘Hey, stay away from that, don’t go that route, because at the end of the day you’re not going to make a whole lot of money doing it and you can screw something up permanently doing something like that.’” Joey Janela is already known for his extremely violent and dangerous spots.

However, those spots never take place on WWE shows, as Vince McMahon wants the WWE product to be PG. Since WWE’s product is PG now, hardcore and deathmatch type matches are now very popular.