Sasha Banks and Naomi Were Mentioned on WWE RAW

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Sasha Banks and Naomi Were Mentioned on WWE RAW

Sasha Banks and Naomi were once again mentioned on WWE RAW regarding their walkout from RAW. Sasha and Naomi have been making headlines ever since they walked out of RAW. According to many sources, the team simply wasn’t happy with the WWE creative team and decided not to perform at a RAW event simply.

Nikki A.S.H and Alexa Bliss were going to fight on RAW this week. Before that match, commentator Corey Graves mentioned that Sasha and Naomi “disappointed the WWE Universe” by walking out. Graves also blamed the team for costing Nikki and Doudrop a chance to be the No.

1 contender for Bianca Belair's RAW Women’s Title.

Sasha Banks And Naomi Got Their References Removed From WWE

“Last week the then Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha and Naomi would leave during the broadcast of Monday Night Raw,” Graves said.

“Walk out of the arena during the show and Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop were actually scheduled to be part of the six-pack challenge main event. Sasha Banks and Naomi would relinquish their Championships and disappointed the WWE Universe in the process”.

Last week, Graves stated that Sasha and Naomi “summarily and unprofessionally walked out” of the WWE. Due to this, he received a lot of heat on social media. He addressed the comments later on the After The Bell podcast.

“There’s speculations and rumors all over the place,” Graves said. “I was on the air when it went down, I only know the information that was provided to me, and in the days since, while everybody continues to speculate.

I don’t have any more information. I don’t know enough about the circumstance or the situation or which side did what, so I’m just going to avoid it”. Ever since walking out, neither Sasha nor Naomi have made any comments on the matter.

Banks was present in Minnesota this past weekend. She attended a DJ Steve Aoki concert. She was also hanging out with family during this time. Naomi on the other hand does not have any references to WWE on social media. On Monday, Fightful Select stated that “There’s no end on the horizon for this situation”.

Sasha Banks and Naomi were not present for Evansville and Indiana tapings. WWE has since then removed Sasha Banks and Naomi’s references from their TV graphics and deleted their Facebook pages. They have also removed their merchandise from the WWE store.

After even all of that, WWE has maintained that they will not release Sasha Banks or Naomi. According to WWE, pulling their merchandise from the store and removing all their references is part of their “indefinite suspension” for the pair.