What happened to Queen Zelina Vega? Here's the latest

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What happened to Queen Zelina Vega? Here's the latest

We haven't seen Zelina Vega on our screens and in a WWE ring in probably over a month now, since she and Carmella helped Sonya Deville as she tried to take the Raw title held by Bianca Belair. In fact, the two took a good backstage slap from the former WWE officer frustrated by the failure of this evil plan which obviously did not go to fruition from all points of view.

Apparently, according to PWInsider colleagues, our queen's said to be on hiatus due to an injury she suffered in the ring, an injury that even required an operation. The report said some people in the company said it would take another 6-8 weeks before they see her in action, which should allow her to return for Summerslam.

Who inspired Zelina Vega for her role as queen?

The good news is that WWE appears to be intent on continuing to push her by always bringing her to the television every week, as soon as she is obviously fully recovered. This is also thanks to the fact that she is very willing to do what is asked of her and also does it well, making the management happy.

Probably if she hadn't got hurt, she would have been included, perhaps together with her former tag team partner Carmella, in the famous Six-Pack that was to be held in the Raw main event to decree the number one contender for the title of Bianca Belair, about a couple weeks ago, which was canceled due to the escape of Sasha Banks and Naomi.

Interviewed by Ryan Satin on her Out Of Character podcast a few months ago, Zelina Vega said, “King Booker is my favorite king ever, so I called him around when it happened and I was like, 'I need your Help. I need your opinion.

How can I get even a little bit of what you got? ' It was incredible and I'm very grateful for that conversation. "