Sami Zayn believes he can join WWE's Bloodline

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Sami Zayn believes he can join WWE's Bloodline

The fighters who are definitely holding the spot in WWE in recent months, respond to the names of Jimmy and Jey Uso and Roman Reigns, respectively undisputed couple champions of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown and WWE and Universal champion of the main roster.

For over a year now, Roman Reigns has been carrying on his title reign with the Universal Championship at his side, with the Tribal Chief of the Samoan Anoa'i family, who does not seem to want to give an inch from the company's rings, having built an impressive legacy that is unlikely to be demolished in the short term in the federation's rings.

Even the cousins, The Usos, are grinding record after record, having already become the tag team with the longest Smackdown reign in history with these titles, just as Roman did (every day that passes) with the Universal title.

In the last episodes of the various weekly WWE tapings, Sami Zayn also joined the Bloodline, to ensure that the company could put on different matches compared to its usual storylines, making The Usos appear alongside Sami Zayn, to contrast them with the trio formed by the Street Profits and Riddle, who're doing without Randy Orton, who's injured.

In the last few hours, the various profiles of the WWE on social networks have begun as usual to ask some questions to the fans of the company, regarding what is seen in the weekly episodes of the federation, with Sami Zayn who was one of the protagonists of these questions.

Sami Zayn is convinced he can join the Bloodline

In one of them, WWE asked if Sami would be an interesting addition to the Samoan stable, with the Canadian himself replying: "Honestly, yes" In this eternal outcast and perennial underdog storyline, it is obvious how Sami Zayn will never enter the Bloodline of the main roster champion, with Roman Reigns always looking down on everyone, especially the Canadian from Smackdown, who hasn't won an important match for months now.