Charlotte Flair gets married to longtime partner, Andrade

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Charlotte Flair gets married to longtime partner, Andrade

In recent weeks and months, we have seen the absence of some WWE Superstars, some due to a real injury, such as Big E, struggling with two cervical fractures or others such as Charlotte Flair, the former Friday Night Smackdown champion who's officially out due to an arm fracture, that came about through Ronda Rousey's Armbar in the company's latest PPV: Wrestlemania Backlash.

Unlike Big E's injury, which is 100% real, however, Charlotte's is instead part of the storyline that WWE used to keep her out of the scene, as she was in the process of getting married to her long-time boyfriend, Andrade, current All Elite Wrestling wrestler and formerly a WWE athlete.

Recently, there came about the confirmation of the news that Flair and Andrade had finally tied the knot.

Andrade and Charlotte Flair said "Yes"

In the last few hours, photos have emerged that leave no room for doubt, with the well-known site Ringside News and many other sources on the wrestling news portals, have confirmed that the couple is finally married after years of engagement.

Thanks to these shots in the company of colleagues and friends, the two wanted to let the world know that they have become husband and wife. Thus, the rumors that emerged a few weeks ago have been confirmed that the two were supposed to get married this weekend, with the couple anticipating things a bit, doing it on a Friday and not exactly on the weekend dedicated to American Memorial Day.

After this big step, it looks like Charlotte Flair's hiatus from WWE will still be long enough, with Vince McMahon already having plans big enough for his new blue show champion, Ronda Rousey, to face some of the new rising heels of the show. WWE main roster.