Kurt Angle on how Vince McMahon gave his role in a movie to John Cena

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Kurt Angle on how Vince McMahon gave his role in a movie to John Cena

Kurt Angle made WWE history, having been one of the company's flagship wrestlers for a very long time. The former Olympic gold medalist officially retired at WrestleMania 35, after being defeated by Baron Corbin at the end of a rather disappointing match, which WWE Universe fans didn't like at all.

It's no secret that Angle had designated John Cena as the opponent for his last fight, but the Bostonian's countless cinematic engagements and WWE leadership ideas prevented that project from happening. Apparently, John Cena's film commitments, at the beginning of his career as an actor, would also include commitments that initially were not supposed to be his, such as the lead role in the WWE movie The Marine, a saga in which The Miz was added later.

Apparently, initially, that role should have gone into the hands of Kurt Angle, according to the well-known Gold Medalist of the McMahon-owned company, who wanted to tell everything in his last interview.

Kurt Angle and the role in The Marine he never had

To the microphones of the last episode of his The Kurt Angle Show, the WWE wrestler of the same name wanted to tell: "I was not furious with John, I was furious with Vince.

He had literally snatched the film from my hands because the new boy had arrived and it had made a big impact. I too had made a big impact! So I don't know why it happened. That was the beginning of the end for me in WWE. After that, it all started to go downhill and I think a year or two later, I left the company.

The Marine was supposed to be my movie. What happened was that 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was told to do The Marine... Steve had left the company though, so Vince had given the film to me. I had it, but they weren't sure yet when it would be recorded.

A year after that, Vince came up to me and said 'Hey listen, I've decided to give The Marine movie to John Cena.' "