Dutch Mantell draws comparisons between AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown

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Dutch Mantell draws comparisons between AEW Rampage and WWE SmackDown

In his latest speech to the microphones of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell wanted to launch a fairly critical message towards the WWE blue show, finding it inferior to the one proposed by AEW with Rampage. Obviously, the comparison stems from the fact that both shows air on Friday nights, so the interest of wrestling fans is concentrated all in one night for two different companies.

"Let's say I'm a new wrestling fan, and I've watched Rampage and SmackDown. I'd say Rampage beat them. And they probably beat them anyway. At least there are people you don't know. And now all of a sudden, not knowing people.

He's an asset. That's what I said when WWE didn't want to use talent enhancement. There was nothing wrong with that. Now, instead of having talents valued, you are having your talents beat regularly every week. So when they go to a live event, people don't care about them.

They are actually what people call jobbers."

Dutch Mantell's prayer for WWE's emergency rescue

In the same context, Dutch Mantell focused specifically on the latest episode that aired last night from the Simmons Bank Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In fact, the man said he prayed to see Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar appear to save a situation that he found disastrous. "I was thinking tonight, 'God please give me Roman Reigns. God, please give me Brock Lesnar. Give me someone who has some power behind them, so they can stretch this mess because it's getting worse.'

Then they dated McIntyre and I almost forgot that. I don't know what they're thinking. I don't think they know what they're thinking."