Stephanie McMahon's future: If she returns to WWE, it won't be the same as before

Vince McMahon's daughter's taken a temporary hiatus from her role in the company

by J. Anderson
Stephanie McMahon's future: If she returns to WWE, it won't be the same as before

Indications continue to leak about the future of Stephanie McMahon, who has moved away from WWE on a seemingly temporary basis in recent days. Behind it, however, there could also be something else, and it is not to be excluded that we will never again see Vince's daughter (and Triple H's wife) in a role similar to the one she has accustomed us to over the years.

Dave Meltzer explained it during a special edition of "We're Live Pal" in which he took part with Andrew Zarian, Bryan Alvarez and Garrett Gonzalez. "As for Steph, actually, if and when he returns, it won't be soon. Plus, there's a good chance he's not in the same position," explained the historic signing of the 'Wrestling Observer.

"But the situation is interesting because I talked to someone about Stephanie's situation. Particularly about her role in the McMahon Empire. Well, she seems to have dealt with it, but it was Vince who always had the last word.

In other words, she had no power. Besides, nobody has it. Because it's Vince who has all the power. " According to Meltzer, the relationship between Stephanie McMahon and her father is anything but negative, but the woman has a lot less say in WWE than is believed.

"She is a person who talks to Vince, but only at the end of the day," explained the famous journalist. "When there are big decisions to be made, however, Vince will be the one to do so. The problem is that there are discussions and chatter going on, and they tell me that if it turns up, it will be the end for McMahons.

And that's because no one can say anything negative publicly about Steph."

What does Stephanie McMahon's stepping away mean?

Don't forget that, during the same show, Andrew Zarian claimed that someone in WWE no longer wants Stephanie McMahon, and this person intended this (essentially "secret") rumor to circulate.

This person talked about "hornet's nest", and he wanted the story to leak in just like terms. He also pointed out that Nick Khan is now a senior WWE executive due to the large number of prominent executives who have left Stamford.

Zarian then tried to ask himself why his source would have wanted the story to be published with such specific terms. In this regard, this is the idea that has been made: “The change is colossal, and this is evident. But now, ok the big scoop.

But why should we talk about it with that precise word? There is a reason for this. You know, you can speculate anything you want. Maybe someone wants the McMahons to detach a little from the company so that if it were put up for sale it would be easier to negotiate the purchase? Or, more easily, they may want this chatter to make changing the old guard in WWE easier. I was really surprised, and I heard some really weird things. Crazy, crazy, crazy things."

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