What's it like to live with The Undertaker? Michelle McCool shares it all

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What's it like to live with The Undertaker? Michelle McCool shares it all

Even if we know The Undertaker as a great legend in the world of professional wrestling, obviously there are those who know him deeper, like his wife Michelle McCool. The former WWE champion Divas wanted to tell, in the last episode of the podcast Wives of Wrestling, what it is like to go out with the Phenom: “When we started dating, we hid it ...

he had a bus at the time. I literally waited until the arena was empty until I got on the bus. We would have arrived hours earlier just to be able to get out early and go to the locker room. So I hid it for a long time, knowing how a lot of people would react, and then it came out, and yeah… sadly I'm being treated as something related to The Undertaker.

Undertaker's wife, which of course is something I love, but she's pretty tough. "

Michelle McCool talks about The Undertaker

In the same interview, Michelle McCool mentioned how people linked her accomplishments to The Undertaker and the hardships she faced as a result of this.

“There were several people that I can think of who totally treated me one way when she wasn't around. Besides, if Mark was around, they treated me differently, you know? And so I hate that bullshit. It's just stupid, but it started making everyone miserable because all I did was because I was dating The Undertaker [according to them ed] ...

So it led me to be a little miserable back there and eventually walk away." Michelle McCool left the wrestling world after losing to former partner Layla in a Loser Leaves WWE match. Michelle has also made sporadic appearances for the company at Royal Rumble for example.

Last year The Undertaker said about his wife: “I think she is probably one of the WWE's least recognized superstars for what she did while there and the fighting work she did to get the women to where they are now. "