Dave Hebner, former WWE official struggling with health problems

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Dave Hebner, former WWE official struggling with health problems
Dave Hebner, former WWE official struggling with health problems

Throughout WWE history, there have been dozens and dozens of referees who have become very famous in the Stamford-based federation rings, with some who are still much more famous and recognized today than several WWE Superstars and in general the world of discipline.

One of them is certainly the TNA Hall of Famer, Earl Hebner, historic referee of the WWE, the TNA and the AEW, who together with Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon was the main architect of the Montreal Screwjob against Bret Hart, in the 1997 edition of Survivor Series, when Hart's world champion belt was literally snatched from the McMahon-owned company.

Many do not know that Earl Hebner also has a twin brother, Dave. Dave Hebner's also a former referee of the WWE, who for years refereed in the rings of the Stamford-based federation, since the days of Andrè The Giant and Hulk Hogan, in the Golden Era of the McMahon-owned company.

Apparently, in recent years Dave has literally disappeared from the pro-wrestling world, due to an as yet unidentified health problem, which also emerged in one of his latest photos taken by a friend, in which he appears completely unrecognizable and noticeably slimmed down since his last public appearances.

Former WWE referee Dave Hebner's unwell

Thanks to NASCAR friend Hermie Sadler, pro-wrestling fans have learned that historic WWE referee Dave Hebner, Earl's twin brother, finds himself in a somewhat difficult physical and medical situation with the last appearance on social media of the historic McMahon official which is in fact this: "I’ve said many times that friendships and relationships are very important to me.

Took the time today to go visit Dave Hebner. The Hebner family is so special to my family. Join me in sending some positive vibes his way !! @BrianRDJames @WWEArmstrong @RealJeffJarrett @WWE" The former referee is now 73, like his brother and apparently entered a very difficult time in his life, with his longtime friend asking his fans and friends to support him and pray for him.

At the moment we do not know exactly what ails Dave Hebner, but we hope that he can recover as best he can to spend the rest of his life in peace.