The Rock on when Vince McMahon told him he wasn't ready for the big leagues


The Rock on when Vince McMahon told him he wasn't ready for the big leagues

One of the most globally recognized wrestlers in the world, especially for his background in the world of cinema, where he is one of the current highest paid Hollywood actors of recent years, responds to the name of The Rock.

Before embarking on a majestic career in front of the cameras, The Rock literally cut his teeth in the rings of the McMahon family-owned wrestling company, WWE, with the son and grandson of the famous Anoa'i family of the Samoa Islands, from whom also originates Roman Reigns or the Usos, who has also been world champion several times, especially in the era called Attitude Era of the WWE.

After having had the most important feuds and matches in the history of the federation, including above all the match against Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania X8, The Rock understood that the world of cinema was calling and he could only answer this, with his story.

which has now also become a TV series, called "Young Rock", in which the entire history of one of the most influential WWF / E athletes of the last 25 years is retraced.

The Rock tells of Vince McMahon's first lesson to him

After seeing the latest episode of Young Rock, The Rock himself wanted to tell one of the most important anecdotes of his career, writing the following post on Instagram: "The handshake.

My very first “sit down” with @WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, played by the great @adamraycomedy. I was 25yrs old and had $7 bucks in my pocket. But at least I had a shitty haircut and mom jeans. After my very first match ever, Vince flew me to Stamford to say, 'You got a lot of potential kid, but you’re not ready for the big leagues of the WWE.

I’m sending you to Memphis. Go learn the business. Learn how to work and learn how to talk on the mic.' I looked him in the eyes and said, 'Yes sir. Thank you Vince for this opportunity. I just want one shot.' Over the years, Vince and I have done big business together, generating a lot of box office.

Every deal with Vince has always been closed with looking him in the eyes and shaking hands. My handshake means everything to me. It’s my word, my currency and it's just as good as my signature. Thank you Vince for the early guidance, mentorship and seeing the potential in that mom jean wearing, bad haircut having punk kid."

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