Jim Cornette gives his honest opinion on Judgment Day

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Jim Cornette gives his honest opinion on Judgment Day

Speaking on his podcast Drive Thru, Jim Cornette praised one of the stables born recently in WWE, or Judgment Day, led by Edge who has become a heel again. “With that, Edge is a neighbor to the Hall of Famer, former multi-time champion, top guy for 20 years.

He has credibility, he looks good and he does his job. He's an opportunity and anyone who wants to come with him can sit under his learning tree, and of course, since he's been one of the biggest names in the business for the past 20 years, they might want to.

And look at the gaze of the other people he's surrounding himself with, they all look like stars and have a certain charisma. And then there is also the mockery: who will be next." Obviously, it refers to the fact that Edge is continuing to tease people on social media about who will be the next member of the stable.

Judgement Day: Rhea Ripley is the future

In the same context of the previous statements reported above, the man also wanted to speak very well of the, for now, the only female component of Judgement Day, Rhea Ripley: "She will be the number one female star that will attract in this business in 2-3 years, there is almost no way out.

" Rhea Ripley herself began this learning path which led her to declare earlier this month: “Edge is an incredible talent and has gone through so many different matches and has done so many things in this company and I intend to learn a lot from him in the next few months, if not years.

I am very excited to work with him and he can definitely help me climb the ladder very quickly. He knows a lot about this business and I am very excited to work with him as I am looking forward to learning all the lessons he is going to teach me along the way. It will be a huge learning curve for me and I am very excited. "