Booker T backs Stephanie McMahon's decision to go on a break

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Booker T backs Stephanie McMahon's decision to go on a break

Booker T has decided to have his say on Stephanie McMahon's recent decision to take a leave from WWE, which he says is "well deserved" Stephanie has released a statement saying she will focus on her family, for the time being, leaving her role as WWE Chief Brand Officer.

During a recent episode of his "Hall Of Fame" podcast, the six-time world champion talked about the decision of Vince McMahon's daughter, saying that "people speculate about everything" Booker T specifically lashed out at the rumors he read about Nick Khan, who would be responsible for Stephanie's decision.

For his part, Booker T said that, if he had been in Stephanie McMahon's shoes, "he probably would have taken a leave a long time ago."

Stephanie McMahon: Booker T douses the fire of rumors

"It seems like people want to find something controversial they can talk about ...

Her taking a break means nothing more than taking a break. Shane McMahon took a break several times, and then always came back," Booker pointed out. T. “He took more free time. I'm not living this story like most people do, because everyone is looking for a story.

And I just think, as mentioned above, that Stephanie has been in the trenches for a long time. It was right for her to stop at some point. And if she needs to take a break, I think she has earned it all these years." There is still no official explanation as to the reason behind Stephanie McMahon's decision to abandon her role with the company, but many in America believe it is a personal and private situation.

There is also no confirmation that Triple H has to do with it, who faced some very serious health complications last year to the point of announcing his retirement from the ring competition at WrestleMania 38. While Stephanie McMahon is leaving her job with WWE right now, Triple H is rumored to have returned to working full-time for the company, albeit in a different role than before. It's unclear exactly what has changed in his personal role in the company at this point.